January 19, 2000
Davenport, Iowa at the Col Ballroom.  Well, it had to happen sometime….our first ever show hurt by bad weather.  It was snowing really hard that whole day and night.  Weather forecasters were telling people not to go outside! 

Only a little over a hundred brave souls turned out to see us that night and I was amazed at that as it was nasty out.  We were fortunate that the rest of the tour was fine.  Thank you Mother Nature!

January 20 & 21, 2000
A double header of sorts in Ft. Dodge, Iowa.  Last year we played one show only and it was sold out very quickly so this year we decided to do two shows.  Joining us at both were Niki Sullivan of the original Crickets and his wife Fran.  I've performed many times with Niki but every time it gets better and better.  He's a hoot onstage and off and always filled with great words of wisdom.  Truly a class act.  Fran always gets us in line and gives band members advice on female matters.  Listen up, Fernando! 

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