Day Two, September 12, 2000

I awake groggily. Victor calls me from his office. "Can you come over and get a schedule from me?" "No, problem," I reply. I wolf down a French Slam (hey, I pushed the bacon and sausage aside) at the Denny's next door and head over to Victor's office. In addition to being a city councilman in Lubbock, Victor is a practicing attorney and the main organizer for the Fiestas. Needless to say, his phone was ringing constantly while I was there. Papers consume his desk.

Victor tells me I might have a photo taken in Buddy's restored Chevrolet Impala for the newspaper today, and maybe an interview with the arts editor of the Lubbock Avalanche Journal. He also gives me a schedule for tomorrow: 8:00 AM radio interview. Love that hour of the morning . . . right! Also, a TV interview around 4:00 PM. Okie Dokie, got it. Promising to stay in touch, I leave Victor's office.

I call Bill Griggs and see if he's available for some sightseeing. He is and takes me first to the Buddy Holly Center Museum. Even though I'll be there later this evening, Bill thought it'd be a good idea to head over during the day, before the crowds arrive. Good plan.

The Center is home to an awesome collection of Buddy's belongings, photos, letters, etc., and personal effects, including his famous glasses and even his acoustic and electric guitars. Photos aren't allowed, but I manage one of me in front of the neon sign of his name. When you go don't miss the trivia test on the computer in the main display room. Bill compiled it and there are some real stumpers in there. I think there's about 50 questions. I got all of them right except for 6 I think. You can list your name at the end with the other top scorers. I warn you though, there're some tough questions in there!

The Lubbock Cemetery is the next stop on the agenda, and we go to pay our respects. Buddy's headstone is a modest creation, but simple and beautiful and somehow appropriate. The sprinklers are on and shower the Holley plot with badly needed water. You can't help but be touched at this site.

We next head to the old KDAV radio station, which is now KRFE. Buddy used to perform live on the air here, first with Jack Neal and then sometimes with Bob Montgomery. This is where legendary DJ Highpockets Duncan worked. He encouraged Buddy to pursue his musical ambitions and for awhile was his manager. Neat that the building is still there.


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