Day Two (continued)

We head off to Lubbock High School, Buddy's old school. It's totally intact and has one of the longest halls I've ever seen. Inside it feels exactly like it must have in the 50's. I go to the auditorium where Buddy performed and am struck by the size of it. Got to take a picture here. There's a nice display of Buddy Memorabilia in the hallway, and a sign shows the location of Buddy's old homeroom, though Bill informs me that they have the wrong room (he has Buddy's original report card)! Great place to stroll about, though you have to check in with the office and get a visitor pass as they don't want strangers roaming the halls unannounced.

Bill and I eat lunch and spend the rest of the day picking up band members from the airport. Fernando wins the "Lightest Packer Award" as he travels with . . . well, basically just himself! No suitcase, garment bag or backpack. He did have a little thing the size of a wallet that carried his toothbrush and comb, but that was it. He informs me he'll get a nice shirt and tie in town for the show.

I check in with Victor, and the photo shoot with the car has not materialized. Neither has the interview. He says not to worry and that tomorrow's schedule still stands.

My brother George is the last to arrive today. I inform him that in about an hour I'm going to head over to the Buddy Holly Center to play some acoustic Buddy songs. He wants to join and I'm glad. When we arrive we find Sherry, Larry and also Travis Holley already there! This is the first time I've met Travis and I'm excited, as I didn't even know he'd be here! He looks amazingly like Buddy would look today. Soft spoken and a gentleman, he has all the Holley traits that I've come to know and experience.

George is thrilled to meet all of the Holleys at once and can't believe we're all eating at the same table. After dinner, George and I set up for some music. Larry gives me his guitar to play and away we go. I'm a little nervous at first, as here I am performing right in front of three Holley family members! The crowd's nice reaction settles me down. I do mostly Buddy's apartment recordings, but also a few hits here and there. I introduce the Holley family to a warm, receptive audience and ask Sherry if she'd like to come up and sing a song. She would.

Sherry sings Send Me Some Loving beautifully and the crowd loves it. We finish up our little set with Oh, Boy! and I thank all for coming and invite them to check us out tomorrow night. The Holleys give us some very nice compliments and I return Larry's guitar. I'm grateful they're here and ask them to come tomorrow to see us with the full band. Sherry says she'll be there for sure and Travis says he can't get there till our second set. Larry will be there for the first. Great! I'm honored.

Emotionally spent, George and I head back to the hotel. We get a call that Dominic will not be arriving until 12:30 AM, as Continental airlines is experiencing some difficulties. Finally, we pick up the haggard Dommy and take him back to the hotel. I jump in to bed as I know 8:00 AM will arrive sooner than I want it to.


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