We played our last show at Cliff Hall in Folkstone. Here's a shot of me backstage with Birdie and Donna before the show. Bye bye, Birdie and Oh, Donna!
John's Thumb Count of England
Thumbs Up!
  1. Great architecture and historic buildings
  2. Great pubs!
  3. Great beer (deserves its own ranking)
  4. Lovely people
  5. Beautiful countryside
  6. Theatre, music and culture everywhere
  7. Incredible, edible chocolate
Thumbs Down!
  1. Pubs close at 11 PM!!
  2. Hotel beds the size of a sleeping bag
  3. Hotel rooms the size of a sleeping bag
  4. Kippers at breakfast?!!
  5. Oooh, that weather!!

I have to say hats off to the people of England who continue to support music from the 50's and 60's in a very big way. All the truck stops we stopped at had large sections of CD's where Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis and many other American greats were prominently displayed. They seem as strong and current as ever.

The audience turn-out we encountered was simply fantastic. I used to wonder why Buddy and Roy both had hit songs in England that didn't even chart in the U.S. Maybe with all that distance some objectivity comes into play. Maybe there's more appreciation for something that's not in your own backyard. Whatever it may be, it's still happening in England. Cheers!

My Trip to England
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